Sunday, July 26, 2009

And, Sunday.

We decided to skip church service this morning (again...) and enjoy some togetherness and the peace of home instead. Time at home when we're all together is rare and precious and we've all been a bit down with *something* this week so the extra rest did us all good.

My day began with my tea and my bible.

And cuddles and stories with the little ones. Playtime and general pottering. Making Dinosaur Land with the Mega-blocks was on the agenda for some of the family.

I found this little green gingham bag in a drawer and decided it would make a perfect egg-collecting bag, now that the chickens are laying such quantities of eggs! It can be hard for little hands to carry 5 (or more) eggs successfully at once.

Hoping that hanging it by the door here will remind Saraya to grab it as she heads outside.

Lunch was pumpkin soup. Naptime followed.

I don't normally do such work on a Sunday, but enthusiasm to attack my long-neglected and shameful laundry came from somewhere...... so I seized it!!

Just an hour or so later, some help from Stuart and Saraya, and jackpot! It's a nice place to be once more. Delightfully clean and tidy, and smelling sweetly of lavender and lemon oils. Peeling paint off the concrete floor means it doesn't exactly look clean, but it is.

Half-way through cleaning the windows Saraya said, "It's looking marvellous Mama! Can I please do the sweeping bit yet? And the mopping?" Really, she did! This girl has inherited my love of getting dirty areas clean again.

Old-fashioned nightie for Saraya courtesy of Mum. :) She LOVES to wear this nightdress!

And Elijah loves to wear this medievil piece from the dress-up basket. And pretend to be an Animal Warrior, saving the koalas in our backyard.

Left-over pizza from last night with scrambled eggs and tomato slices for tea. And custard with bananas. :) Oh, we also put a pineapple, some ginger, a grapefruit and about 10 oranges through the juicer to make some juice to have with our tea. Anything to keep us healthy through these final weeks of winter. It's the second time we've used the juicer this week.

Stuart and I are about to finish watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button", then it's off to bed for me and into a brand new week tomorrow.


Linda said...

I enjoyed your post very much. My new house has the potential to look loved and Australian like yours, thanks for the inspiration.

Sandra said...

A little down time and a little bit of productivity does us the world of good. Glad you had a lovely Sunday.

Amanda in Vic said...

Sounds like you had a refreshing day with your family. Your laundry looks wonderful...and big! Alas, I must get into mine sometime's hard to move in! You've given me inspiration though. I have little helpers too - my 3.5 year old son, Jeremiah, loves to sweep and Bethany (2.5) loves to wipe, so I've got benches and floors covered! ;-) Grace and blessings to you and yours!

Renata said...

Well done on tackling that laundry (i'm still going after our snow weekend!) I love the first picture!


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