Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My sweet little disciplinarian

Lately the chickens have been a bit overexcited when we go in to feed them...... I guess all that egg-production makes them hungry!

It is Saraya's job to feed them their grain in the mornings, take them scraps, check their water and collect the eggs.

She came in earlier and I asked if the chickens were jumping up at the feed bin again, making it tricky for her.

"Oh no Mama", she replied with a shake of her head, "The chickens don't do that anymore. I've trained them out of it."

"Oh. I see." I was a little curious. "How, Saraya? They've really stopped?"

"Yes," she said. "It was easy Mama. I'm just quite firm with them when they do it. They've learnt not to, because they don't like me talking firmly with them."

See what I mean? That girl is one of a kind. :)


This photo was from a while ago, when the chickens were littler. Still, they're cuddled and carried more than I'd think possible for their size!


Renata said...

WOW - she can come here & discipline mine - they get under my feet whenever I'm trying to feed them! Maybe being "firmer" is the key - LOL!

Tereza said...

oh my word:):) she is adorable!!!

Heather said...

Good for her! A firm hand, that's all it needs. Go Saraya!

Theresa said...

Oh Saminda, a smile has come to my face reading about Saraya and the chickens. It is amazing how she has adopted a quiet firm voice for the mischievous chickens. I wonder if she has associated this firm voice with getting into trouble herself.


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