Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Morning Highlights

* Managing a cooked breakfast for my family today! We're all so over cold cereal this week. We had omelettes- a new recipe with creamed corn, grated carrot and grated cheese in them; a bit much 'corn flavour' for the man of the house, but he ate it anyway!- and toast and juice. All the dirties are in the dishwasher now and it really wasn't much extra work.

* Watching my baby standing out on the lawn in the early light, enthralled by all the birds overhead. Finches on the bird feeder, lorikeets darting by, magpies and pee-wees and cockatoos and doves pretty much everywhere. Another bird-watcher coming up, I think!

* Drinking tea from my most favourite china tea-cup. It's pale pink and very vintage. I rarely use it- why is that?!

* Sitting here right now and listening to my children read and chatter on the couch, blanket wrapped around them.

* A warm fire to heat the house.

* Knowing that we'll be spending the rest of the morning with friends. Once I'm dressed, that is! Better hop to it.

Have a great Wednesday. :)


Helen said...

Very nice morning Min - but I was so hoping there would be a post (and maybe even a picture) of your trampoline. Thanks so much for starting my day off with a huge belly laugh. Sorry...I'm sure it wasn't all that funny for you. Hee hee.. oh here I go again. Smirk, smirk. Love you.

Renata said...

Sounds like a great start to the day!! We're into cooked breakys at the moment as well - although the kids always follow with their cereal (they never stop eating - hate to think how much they will go through as teenagers!!!) Enjoy the rest of your day!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Hi Saminda. The DVD can be purchased from They have produced lots of family, faith building films. 'The Eden String Quartet' is one of my favourites. I also have 'Inherit the Land', the Peasell Sisters one and 'A Journey Home'.

Sandra said...

Brett would love it if I did cooked breakfasts. But he would want meat. A hot breakfast would be a nice way to begin the day, all nice and toasty warm. The ingredients sound very tasty.

Theresa said...

I too love a cooked breakfast.

Andrew and Nathaniel are huge fans of pancakes with maple syrup (or sauce as Nate calls it).
But whenever they ask it feels like a chore and that there is alot to do. But somehow once the mixture is made and the pancakes are cooked and the butter is melting on top, it is worth every effort:)

Say "yes" to cooked breakfasts!


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