Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fostering an Interest

Saraya announced a few months ago that she would like to learn the violin when she is older. We couldn't be happier! I have visions of her standing in our front room, the afternoon sun streaming in as she works through her early scales and finger-work. I know there are moments of frustration in learning an instrument (I've been there!) but feel in this instance that her determination and sensitivity will serve her well. :)

Some steps we're taking:

* Playing string music in our home many times through the week. Our current favourite is "Classical Dreams", recorded by a little group we actually saw play live while we were in London back in 2005. Features favourites such as "Spring" by Vivaldi (Saraya's current favourite composer) and Pachabel's Canon.

* Leaving books on music, orchestras, instrument groups etc. lying around the house. She's taking a keen interest in these, and bringing Elijah with her!

* Speaking of the violin as "her instrument". Letting her feel she already owns it, even though she hasn't begun playing yet. Visiting the violins in the window of the Music Shop in town. Elijah visits the drum kit. :)

* Stopping to hear others play. A blind lady playing violin was busking at the markets last week. She played beautifully, and really impressed the children. After they dropped some money in her case and walked slowly away, Saraya proclaimed that "one day, I WILL play just like that lady!"

* Just encouraging her. And obviously, buying her the violin she is dreaming of. I'm thinking perhaps for her birthday this year. Perhaps. :)


Heather said...

Saraya - I think string music is absolutely beautiful (it's my favorite), and you will be a lovely and talented violinist!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Have you ever seen the dvd 'The Eden String Quartet' put out by the Franklin springs people? They are four beautiful Christian sisters who have been homeschooled right through.. they are very accomplished musicians. The dvd features their music and the story of their day to day lives, living on a farm, homeschooling... I am sure you and your daughter would be inspired by this dvd.

Renata said...

I hope she does pursue it - playing an instrument is such a wonderful thing!! I intend to start all my children on piano, but want to encourage them to branch into a chosen instrument when they are ready!

Laura said...

You can imagine that I'm beaming right now... I'm so glad she chose the violin!!!! It is /very/ hard work at times, but such a lovely instrument that just being able to play and know that it's beautiful is a wonderful reward. :)
I know that when I was about four, I announced I'd learn to play violin. I wasn't able to start lessons till I was nine, but all the while, I still wanted to learn.
Let me know how it all goes! (Oh, and I have a violin that'd be her size, I'm sure... if only I wasn't soooo attached to it.)



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