Friday, July 3, 2009

It's Friday........

............... Which means that I am tidying and vacuuming floors, changing bed sheets, cleaning toilets and baths, washing etc. This remains one of my favourite days of the week! Today Stuart agreed to take the children with him to Prep for a couple of hours (he's been going in every day this week- sorting, purging, planning and so on; the children LOVE to play out there while he works!), and I have been making the most of the time I've been given. :) So nice to just work away without interruption. Second load of washing about to be hung on the line. Gingerbread cookies about to be mixed! We are expecting company for lunch and the afternoon/ evening so I'm busy getting organised. I'm taking a 5 minute break to have a drink and an apple......... and to post too. :)

I just wanted to put up some photos for my friend Theresa, who recently moved to South Australia and wanted to see our kitchen renovations! Here you are........

The new island bench, complete with 3 barstools for little people. (or big :)). We also had a second-hand dishwasher installed- and it has been such a blessing to me already! Interestingly, the kitchen actually feels bigger than it did before the island went in. So good to have that extra bench space.

We also put up curtains in the living room after 3 years of no curtains! It has been great for keeping out the hot/glary afternoon sun, and for keeping the house warmer at night. The curtains are thick and really keep the room insulated when we have the fire going. So nice!


Last little thing to share. Rebecca and I have been emailing one another this week, and she has blessed me so richly with her knowledge and wisdom as a homeschooling mother. I just had to share this important point she shared with me earlier in the week. I hope you don't mind, Rebecca. :) It is truly shaping the way I am thinking about teaching my children.

"Saminda, while it is easy to become overwhelmed, just as Peter did when he looked at the waves around him, we must keep our eyes on Jesus. He has given each of these little ones to you and your husband and He has made no mistake in doing so. You are giving them the very best. You are giving them the gift of you. Remember to bring all things back into a Biblical perspective. We teach them to read so they can read His Word and hunger after Him. We teach them Math so that they can marvel at God and his order. If we compare ourselves among ourselves we are not wise (1 Corinthians 10:12). Focus on progress as your goal, not another family."

I hope this blesses you as it has me! Have a wonderful Friday, friends. :)


Theresa said...

Oh Saminda, I love the island bench in the kitchen. I was wondering how it would fit from what I remember your kitchen looking like. The island looks great for having the kids help out baking... I want and island bench too!

Karen said...

Appreciate the quote! Even though I'm not a homeschooling mom, I can get bogged down simply in daily living and that was encouraging to me also! Thanks!

Renata said...

Your home is lovely!! It really is just gorgous. We always dreamed of living in a queenslander style house - I especially love the wood floors!
Thanks also for sharing the quote - I've been going through lots of doubts at the moment - I really needed to read that.

Rebecca J said...

Your family is such a delight. Love those photos.

Of course I do not mind your sharing some of our chat. Very sweet. : )


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