Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday mornings

Saturday mornings have lately become a sacred time for me.

We have fallen into a happy routine of Stuart and the children heading out on some grand adventure while the house and I spend some rather quiet time together.

I miss the activity, their chatter and cuddles and conversation........ but this time in my week is quickly becoming precious! I move more slowly, can think clearly- and stay in my pyjamas if I want to. Today I have pampered my little home and changed some bed sheets, washed some laundry and loaded it into the dryer as it is threatening rain outside. I have done some reading, tidied some toys, made a few phone calls.

And I *was* going to mop the floors. As satisfying as that would be, I think I may instead go and nap between my fresh, clean bedsheets for awhile. Also satisfying. :)

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jazzy cat said...

Thanks for taking time in your Saturday quality time to send that email msg Min! Great to hear you are keen to participate!


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