Friday, July 10, 2009

Holidays winding down.......

Doing lots and lots and lots of reading.......

Watching and looking up the birds who visit our bird feeder...............

(too tiny to see- there were 12 of them on here!!)

A better view of them (from our bird book!) - 'Double banded finches' if you're interested

Mama / Papa "dates" with the big two kids (their choices)...............

(Mama and Saraya had a movie night watching "Little Women" (again :)) by the fire.

Mama and Elijah made a trip to a cafe and had a play in the park with his tiny puppy family :).

Papa and Saraya went birdwatching at the wetlands as the sun rose, then breakfast at a cafe.

Papa and Elijah made the purchase of a new kite, followed by kite flying at the park (inspired by Mary Poppins, of course :)). )

The potting and planting of daisies, broccoli, peas, lettuces, strawberries, spring onions and capsicums..........

The sorting/ purging/ planning/ purchasing of new resources for homeschool..........

The drinking of many cups of tea/ coffee/ milo with my husband...............

Regular late nights and sleep-ins in the cold mornings............
Accomplished. I'll miss this one.

Having friends to visit, and visiting friends..........

Watching many movies late into the night..........

Yep, the holidays are winding down. I've enjoyed every minute. Now onwards to term three we go!


Sandra said...

What a wonderful relaxing holiday. Well done.
And we are impressed with your hens and their production levels!

Sandra said...

Clever you for recognising O'Reilly's. The web site gives you an idea of prices
Don't faint away though at the prices (because I did). Around $200 a night for all of us including a very fancy dinner and breakfast (we didn't bother eating lunch). Ouch! We were all in the one room. It was Brett's idea and as he is the one who does the budgeting, it must have been ok this time.
But you certainly look like you have a keen interest in birds. And it's a beautiful part of the world.
The kids club is only on in the holidays too.
Hope that helps.

Renata said...

What a lovely time you've had on your holidays! I think it's extra special that you get your hubby home as well!!
Our holidays are meant to start this week, but as we're planning to finally head up to Qld in August, I've chosen to work through (although I think I'll make them 4 day weeks) & then take our official holidays then!
Have a lovely week!


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