Friday, July 24, 2009

A New Approach

We have abandoned the bookwork these past three days and have pursued life with enthusiasm, purpose, peace, meaning and togetherness. The results?

Many, many books read and enjoyed.
Great ideas observed, discussed, researched and recorded.
Bibles poured over.
Soup made. Brownies mixed. Bread-dough kneaded.
Warm eggs collected.
Much loving Saraya-Nanna correspondance made.
Backyard birds watched, fed and checked in the bird book.
Friends visited.
Lively conversation and money-handling learnt, courtesy of the friendly stallholders at the markets.
Casual ball games played.
Gardens weeded and watered. Vegies harvested.
Play-dough made and moulded.

Time spent with the "Smart Globe". (If you want to get your kids interested in geography, get one of these- they are wonderful!)

Book towers built, and photographed.

A house cleaned today.

And a long, long nature walk this morning when we were amazed to view six White-Bellied Sea-Eagles gliding above us. A magical moment!

On the way home the ponies in the field nearby were petted and fed by my animal-loving daughter. ;)

And two tired, happy and non-squabbling children are tucked up in bed. Happy. They are happy. They are free and learning more than I could think to teach them if I had planned every minute of it myself.


Tereza said...

sounds magical!

JM said...

hmmmm..... it's worth pondering. I'm so happy that this is working for you. I'm interested to read the book that's inspired this new approach, maybe next week ;) It would take such a leap of faith for me too leave the bookwork :( although I would love too. Keep us updated, ppllleeeaaassee:)


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