Saturday, July 25, 2009

Late Saturday night.....

I got that nap, just a little 20 minute one but oh so good. There's just something wonderful about climbing into bed in the day-time isn't there?!

After the troupe returned I planted carrot seeds in the garden, had a cup of tea with a friend, spent time with my little ones, took a long walk with William to buy tomatoes at the road-side stall near town, and worked on some homemade pizzas for tea (Elijah's order). The dough rose nicely though was a little thick. I'll need to make a bit less dough for the bases next time!

After settling the small people I headed over to Cathy's home with a couple of other ladies for a night of prayer and fellowship in preparation for her impending birth! Only a few more weeks to go now. It is getting exciting. Lots of good conversation, pampering of Cathy, cuddles with baby Hannah and the eating of chocolate-coated strawberries......... a very good night. :)

I know Cathy would appreciate your prayers in the coming weeks........ I'm just so looking forward to holding this new baby!
And now, off to bed for me.

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