Friday, July 31, 2009

It has arrived!!!

Sweet Laura emailed last week to let me know that a special parcel was on the way. Just a short while ago, Saraya opened the back door to go feed the chickens, and there it was on the back step!

Much excitement ensued, the grabbing of the camera to record the special moment, and the gathering of children from around the place.

Yippee!!!!! Warm shawls in soft wool, knitted by Laura's very own clever hands. A white one for Saraya and a cream one for me.

Perfect in every way.

Elijah loves the dishcloths- though Laura, surely I can't actually use them to wash dishes???!! - and William decided they make a pretty nice hat.

I am still in my pyjamas but Elijah insisted he take a photo of me in my shawl, so here it is. :)

More to come later, once I'm dressed!

THANK YOU Laura, you are so generous and certainly a kindred spirit - and I do hope we can meet in real life someday! Bless you!
Saminda. xo


Renata said...

Those are lovely! What a nice friend you have!

Kelly said...

How beautiful, Saminda...both the shawls AND the family!

Chocolate Vegetables said...

Lucky you! You will have to tell us how the dishclothes go. I have been considering some for myself.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Cathy said...

They ARE lovely - very Anne-ish!!!

Heather said...

They look so pretty! And I can't get over those pics of William - what a big boy he is now!

Laura said...

I'm just so glad you liked them! You've made my day 100,000,000 times better! :)
I do use those dishclothes, it's the same pattern as the ones I made for my mother, and thus, the ones I use every day.
Have a lovely day!!!


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