Sunday, August 2, 2009


My Mum and Ray arrived yesterday afternoon, which means..........

Mum and Elijah are playing trains

We stayed up late playing hilarious word games

Bed socks, pyjamas, cups of good tea and chocolate....... mmmm.

It has been a lovely weekend so far. I was still suffering with headaches most of yesterday but finally felt well last night for the first time in days. Lots and lots of laughter - maybe that helped??!

I'm about to go and make some Sunday-morning breakfast for everyone. And enjoy the warmth from the fire (the computer room is really cold in the mornings!), and cuddles with my children who are only just getting up! What lovely big sleep-ins they've all had this morning. William is still sleeping actually, and it's nearly 8am. What a nice Sunday blessing. :)

Happy Sabbath everyone!


Tereza said...

sounds like a very lovely weekend!

Sandra said...

what a lovely way to spend the weekend. Boxes are such useful things, and can be used for some many things. Mmm, hot chocolate and a nice fire. Sounds lovely.

JM said...

enjoy your time altogether :)

Renata said...

Glad you had a nice time with your Mum!!


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