Friday, August 28, 2009

God is Good

I am totally spent and will keep this brief, but wanted to share how blessed we've been today.

Early this morning I had a friend run into our kitchen to share with me that Stuart had been in an accident on his way to work- had I heard? Our power was out, hence our phones weren't working, so I hadn't heard. All he could tell me was that he'd seen Stuart being lifted into the ambulance on a stretcher, with a neck brace on........... Well, my mind instantly clouded and from that moment everything seemed to go in slow motion. I teared up and couldn't think straight; thankfully he could and told me he would stay with my children so I could drive to the hospital to be with Stuart.

Well the thought crossed my mind as I drove that a lot of people must have accidents on the way to being with someone in an accident - I was driving like a mad woman and had to pray to God to slow me down........... all I could think was "I have to get to him!!!!!" I got there as the ambulance was unloading Stu and I could see straight away that although he was injured, he was okay. He was talking and making the crew laugh (typical of him) and he was okay. I have never been more relieved in all my life.

The long and short of it is that a 4 wheel drive clipped the back of his scooter as he went through an intersection, the scooter flipped and Stu was thrown onto the road - praise God not into oncoming traffic, praise God there was a police car right there and 2 ambulances arriving within seconds, praise God many people stopped and were so helpful to him, praise God our school Chaplain and friend Mark saw and was able to stop and be with Stu then and with both of us at the hospital for the first hour, praise God the neck brace was only precautionary and that he has no spinal injuries. Praise God he is home with us tonight and not in a hospital bed.

We spent most of the day in hospital - lots of x-rays taken - and the results are that he has a broken big toe in 2 places, he had to have the nail removed (big ouch) and it's all heavily bandaged. He has bruising in many places, some bad abrasions and swelling on his legs and ankles - but that is it! What could have been such a disaster all turned out okay.

I am so thankful for my husband. We have been through a lot of things in the last few years and I love him so very very much. Those few minutes of "not knowing" were just so horrifying. Stuart, I love you and am devoted to you and just adore you more than ever. I look forward to taking care of you in the next few weeks. :) You were so brave today. You are such a wonderful dad to our children. You are so special to me. Get better soon!

God is good.


Amanda said...

How faithful is our God? He protects His children. There are many blessings there and I am so glad to hear that the accident didn't have more serious consequences! I hope Stuart heals well and quickly...and enjoys being nursed by his faithful wife!

...they call me mommy... said...

Oh WOW. Thanking the Lord with you!! Will pray for a quick & complete recovery!



AmFriend said...

Thank you God for keeping a hedge of protection around Stuart. May his aches and pains be minimal, may his patience be abundant as he heals, and may his heart and mind receive your blessings fully. Lord, please be with Saminda, Saraya, Elijah, and William in the coming days as they minister to Stuart and aid in his healing.

Lindsey Carver said...

That is so scary! I hope that he has a quick and complete recovery!

jazzy cat said...

How shocking for you both! What a traumatic time until you found out he was okay! Thank God for many blessings indeed! Hope recovery goes well..

Sandra said...

I am so so pleased to hear that Stu is OK. Hope he is continuing to mend well.
Thank God for his protection.


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