Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some photos of William

With Saraya off visiting a friend this afternoon, and Elijah snuggled up watching The Wiggles- a rare treat- William and I were left to our own devices. After some dinner preparations and laundry sorting, I took to just hanging back and watching him. And photographing him. Just because he's adorable and I haven't taken enough photos of him lately!

William is now 14 months old and is growing up way too fast. He has recently started talking, and is adding new words to his repertoire daily. He knows exactly what he wants, and makes certain we do too. :) A little squealing involved here, but I'm hoping that will subside as the talking takes off. As it's doing quite well.

He is also becoming *quite* independent. He's trying all sorts of new tricks, just like this one.

Mission accomplished!

Honestly, I just sink deep into these big blue eyes.

He was admiring the birds, but I was admiring him. :)

Love you my sweet boy!


jazzy cat said...

My goodness he is growing up so much - I was noticing changes in his face in your other photos and these bring it home! Very adorable young man that he is - and much adored by his Mum ;-)

Heather said...

He's so adorable, and he's getting so big. I love his big grins!

AmFriend said...

What a sweetie...Don't you love it when the little ones start figuring things out on their own? It amazes me to watch my seemingly fearless niece (2yoa) get where she wants to be via various methods. Their independence is amazing, but sad at the same time, because you know they aren't going to need you as much anymore, SIGH.

Thanks for sharing these sweet photos of William.

Your MT/USA personal prayer warrior

Elizabeth Mahlou said...



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