Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A couple more trophy's.....

We spent another evening at the Theatre last night, watching many more young performers giving their all at the Eisteddfod. Mum offered to stay home with sleeping WIlliam, so I had the special pleasure of sitting with my older two children - such a rare thing and so nice! They enjoy it so much and I'm sure will want to be up there too in a few more years. :) Stuart joined us in the audience between his performances........ an Improvisation (1 minute to prepare after being given a topic, then a 2 minute drama improv) and his Musical Theatre song ('Mr Cellophane' from Chicago). I had pulled out of the Musical Theatre section feeling under-prepared. It was actually great just to sit and watch and not have to endure any performance nerves!!

Unfortunately I missed Stu's improv as I was still home getting Will to sleep, but have heard it was very funny. The topic was "My First Date" and he played 2 characters- himself and the female partner. They were at a restaurant and all sorts of silly things were going on.... he wound up proposing (he had pulled off his wedding ring in preparation)....... Great punchline at the end apparently, and the adjudicator awarded him a great score and the first place trophy (no matter that he was the only person in the section- I'm sure he was absolutely deserving!! And so brave- you wouldn't catch me doing improvisation...) He later performed his song really well and wound up with second place. His first Eisteddfod ever and already looking forward to next year.

As for me, I've been doing them since I was seven but enjoy them more now that I'm an adult- just more perspective I suppose; less / no emphasis on winning but just enjoying the chance to get out of the house, dress up and do what I love to do!

We're both having the post-performance blues now and suffering from the exhaustion of a massive few days. Stuart has actually stayed home today and it's been so so nice having him here with me. The kids are more settled and it makes me realise how much we all miss him during the week days.

Sadly I drove my Mum out to the train station this morning. And yes, shed a few tears on the way home. It's been so nice having her here, and I miss her already. Thanks so much for coming Mum, and please come up again soon. :) xo

Some of you have been asking for a video of Stu and I singing - I wish I had one, but I don't!! You're not allowed to video Eisteddfod's for copyright reasons..... you would think we'd have other videos around so I'll have to have a look. Working on it!


JM said...

Hi Saminda and Stuart, I'm so glad that I made the effort (was so tempting to stay home, warm and comfortable :) to go to the E. You both are beyond words, if you'll accept praise from the totally clueless regarding performance, but as a spectator, you were both extraordinarily entertaining. Stu was awesome and the punch line unexpected!!! and hilarious!!!! Timing... brilliant.

Saminda, to see you in your element was wonderful. You actually communicated your serenity and peace (IMHO) in your performance, let alone how brilliant you are vocally.

On a side note speech and drama was inspiring, if only I didn't feel so nervous and jittery just sitting in the room watching others. :)

Renata said...

Congrats to Stu for 1st & 2nd places!
Sounds like such a fun time there - I used to go in estedfords (? spelling) as a child - it was great!

jazzy cat said...

By all accounts - it sounds as if the dulcet duo wowed em at the Eistedford!! Congratulations on such great achievements to you both!

Sandra said...

Way to go Stu! I'm glad that you and the bigger kids got a chance to see him perform. Take care as you come down off the high and settle back into your beautiful life.


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