Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Where Is Spring????

It seems Winter has gone, and Summer has arrived. So the question is - where is Spring??! I love Spring and am feeling a bit duped that we seem to have skipped it this year. William is too.

Still, we managed to enjoy a big morning of cooking again this morning. The children wanted to be involved and I had Saraya reading and finding the ingredients, following the directions for me, measuring and mixing and being amazed at the way egg whites can be beaten into soft white mountains!
We made two Lemon Custard Tarts (one for a friend!) which used up 6 of our eggs and 3 of our lemons, yay!, homemade ice-cream which I haven't done in years, and a batch of orange muffins to use up the egg yolks left from the ice-cream. All up it took about an hour and we all enjoyed ourselves!

We then spent a delightful couple of hours at my friend Jane's home - thank you so much Jane. :) What a blessing to have such a sweet homeschooling family right across the road!

After lunch and rest time we headed out into the hot sunshine and we all felt so very summery!

Saraya doing the 'Laura leap' from the end of the Little House episodes!

And Elijah joining in.....
Trampoling fun........
I guess we'll get over the missing Spring thing, and just embrace Summer. I can see us heading up to the beach a fair bit in the next few weeks - perfect weather for some exploring!

I feel like last week and this week so far have been filled with some of the greatest family days I can ever remember. We had lovely relaxing time with Stuart home over the weekend, and the children and I are really finding our feet with our homeschooling........... it's working really well and I feel the children (and I) are learning lots in a relaxed, peaceful way. I see a consistent calmness in Saraya which I've rarely seen these past years. She is a very enthusiastic and already semi-independent learner! I praise God for the opportunity to be at home with my children - I know it is a privilege and I do not take a single day for granted.


jazzy cat said...

Totally agreeing with you Min! And you know how much I loather Summer so the rude shock of it arriving three months early is not a delight I can tell you! Oh Min that picture of Elijah in the pram just screamed "Michael" at me again! ;-) Saraya looks such the pretty thing in her gorgeous bright coloured dress and ribbon! Are there any recipes to come for the lemon tart and muffins??? Not that I'm hinting at all..hehe

Tereza said...

you know that's the only thing that attracts me to homeschooling~children that are more content! School does not foster that:( Otherwise a good public school is alright:)

...they call me mommy... said...

Great photos!! LOL! Love the "Laura" leap!!! Sorry that it is so hot already for you...we are heading in our fall season here...cool, colorful leaves, pumpkins, sweaters, bonfires, & the like...ahh! My favorite! :) I second jazzy cat! Would love to have the recipes for those wonderful things you are making with your kids!!

Praise God about the peaceful, relaxed homeschooling...that is totally what I'm aiming for this year as well! Blessings!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

You are so blessed to have a homeschooling neighbour Saminda! I'm the only one in my immediate neighbourhood and there is no local support group any more. This is why I am pleased that I found blogging! I love seeing what other families are doing and knowing that you are discovering the joys of this incredible learning at home journey is just wonderful!

Sandra said...

Hopefully we will get a cooler spell before it stays hot... or not.
The kids looked like they enjoyed themselves.
And I second that I'd be very interested in finding out some of those yummy sounding recipes, if you are offering :)

AmFriend said...

You have such photogenic children. Love the "Laura leaping" pictures, but all of them are great. So glad that you and Saraya are finding your homeschooling groove. Thankful for the blessings God is providing you and your family.

Looking forward to reading about your spring and summer adventures as we head into a brief fall and then a long, cold winter here in the NW Rockies.

Amanda said...

Ah...sun! I'm in SW Vic and we have had a heap of rain and plenty of wind, but not alot of sun! I'm still waiting for Spring to arrive, without even thinking about Summer yet! LOL Enjoy the sunshine and the sweet family fun!

Renata said...

I can only agree with you as the temps up there were so extreeme (hopefully it's cooled down a bit now). I love Saraya's dress -it's gorgous & suits her.


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