Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Creative Play

"The horses went on mile after mile at a swift trot on the road across the open prairie. Rain had fallen the night before and water stood in pools wherever the road dipped, but Barnum and Skip refused to get their feet wet."

"They jumped across every puddle, taking the buggy flying over it with them and not a spatter fell on Laura's poke bonnet."

"So Almanzo and Laura rode in the sunshine with the prairie wind blowing and white clouds sailing the blue sky overhead."

"They drove to Spirit Lake, around the end of it and beyond; then by different roads they went home again."

These Happy Golden Years, by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Just beautiful seeing these classic stories of simpler times coming out in my children's play this week!


Aunt B. said...

Laura and I would enjoy commenting on our homeschool adventure, if you could just wait a bit, as a new part is upon us. Laura and her brother leave on Sunday for college and we are trying to cram family time into the last minute packing, seeing friends and busy summer-time activies. This post on creative play shows me you are right on track for your children developing a healthy mind. A book I read years ago stated children needed three things daily to have a healthy mind; talking with adults, reading books or having books read to them and time for unstructured or undirected play.
I remember the joy of finding my children acting out some scene from fiction or history, as we read tons of books aloud in those early years and beyond. I'll post more next week as it will not be as busy. Enjoy your children.

Heather said...

Cute pictures! Bee and I are reading the Little House books right now too! I probably read them a dozen times when I was a kid, but I found a like new softcover box set at the consignment store for only $7, and I'm really enjoying reading them all over again. I'm on Farmer Boy, which is one of my favorites :)

Sandra said...

What fun they look like they are having! Creative play is the best!

Saminda said...

Thanks so much Carolyn! I do appreciate your encouragement and after reading your "3 things", feel I am on the right track. :) I do look forward to anything more you have to share (and Laura too of course!) - give that girl a hug for me, and enjoy your time with her.
Saminda xo


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