Monday, August 24, 2009

Beauty in the Kitchen

These are some of the things which were happening in my kitchen this morning.

Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos gathering outside the window. There are so many around here at the moment!
2 little boys waving good-bye to their Papa. One of them is wearing a cape. Did you know, he's actually Superman this week?

A big bread-baking session (destined to be a Monday tradition, I'm thinking....) - a huge loaf of wholemeal, soft rolls for lunch, and my first-ever attempt at a loaf of 'Fruit Bread' - it worked!

I just added a teaspoon of oil to the dough on second kneading, plus sultanas and cinnamon - and cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on the top.

My little girl working hard in her Nature Notebook. We will be looking at spiders this week and this morning began with a long spontaneous search in the garage- and the subsequent discovery of an interesting Daddy Long-Legs spider. Lots of observing and reading and thinking and drawing followed.

Now everyone is resting and I'm gearing up for the afternoon activities. Grocery shopping, unpacking etc., dinner preparations - and taking the children to see baby Laura and so I can give Cathy a great big at-home hug!


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Learning at home is so much fun especially when the wildlife comes to you! We have lots of Steve Parish books and the resource kits which we found on special for a few dollars at a bookstore one year. Mine have been well used especially the bird and insect ones!
Is it hot for you too today? It was 34 degrees, down to 32.4 now! It is still meant to be winter until Sept 1st! We had 2 goannas out, one huge one in the chicken enclosure and a small one close to the house. I'm sure the snakes will be out too.
I haven't made bread today, it just seemed too hot to turn on the oven! A great recipe for fruit bread can be found at Rhonda Jean's blog (down to earth) it is called Barmbrack. You soak the dried fruit in tea. It makes a very moist, delicious loaf. She has a search facility so you should find it if you want to try it.

JM said...

very busy girl Saminda, how do you keep your bread staying fresh? Mine seems to not be so tasty the day after, okay, but not as great fresh. Am going to check out Rhonda Jeans blog for the suggested fruit bread. Fruit bread has been on my want to list for ages :)

Saminda said...

Jane- I'm still working on the keeping it fresh thing! I would love an old-fashioned bread box- something on my wish list. :) I re-use bought bread-bags, and the bread is good for 3 days. If I make a big batch I just freeze some, let it thaw at room temperature than heat it on low for 5 minutes in the oven before cutting it.

Ann- thank you for that recipe link. I'll be sure to check it out.
Yes, it has been hot here today too- not 34 though, thankfully! I feel like it's going to be a long hot summer. We too have some Steve Parish books which we pour over most days. :)

Theresa said...

Oh how I love homemade bread. Do you use a bread making machine?

Our awesome neighbours made us a loaf the other week and when they dropped it off it was still warm. Andrew and I could not stop eating it. I had butter and honey on mine.

Heather said...

Your bread looks so good! I'm guessing you hand-knead?

I love the picture of Saraya, hard at work on her nature notebook.

Renata said...

Your homeschooling is so interesting - which reminds me I'd better go & give a music lesson - it clear slipped out of my mind (shouldn't spend so long on the computer, but I'm enjoying catching up on friends blogs) - will catch up on the rest later!


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