Friday, August 7, 2009

Frech Toast and a Sunset

Our morning began with French Toast made entirely by Saraya (aside from the lighting of the stove)..... recipe courtesy of Playschool. :)

And ended with kids on the front stairs watching the sun disappear in glorious colour beyond the trees. Beautiful.

A sweet baby tiger found his way inside tonight too. :) Check out that "ROAR....."!!


Sandra said...

Yummy french toast. The kids look pretty happy with that. And your beautiful tiger is well, beautiful!

Tereza said...

I love their ages. Every little thing makes them happy and it's a joy to watch their contented faces!

Lindsey Carver said...

I am convinced you live the most romantic and charming life I've ever heard of outside of the movies.

Saminda said...

Oh Lindsey, I think not!!!
Truly, I do try to relish the precious moments in every day.... but please know they are mixed between lots of challenging ones! :)

AmFriend said...

French toast - my all time FAVORITE breakfast. Love the look on Elijah's face. And sunsets are like a soothing balm to a sometimes frazzled soul.

AmFriend said...

And can I adopt that tiger? He looks very cuddly:).


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