Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Week in Pictures

Early- morning reading in the fog, in a box. :) I woke up one day to find them out here. The Wildlife of the World book is still proving popular!

We're rediscovering Reader Rabbit - Saraya is whizzing through and Elijah is doing well too.

I love the flexibility of homeschooling - and I am being very flexible - we felt like an outing on Tuesday, so went to Mainly Music and had a great time!!! Saraya said she "felt pretty" in her dress and wanted to pose with Elijah. One of my jobs during the week was to re-sort everyone's clothes, and of course we found a few treasures we had forgotten about!

Anyone need some eggs???? This isn't showing you the ones in the fridge in cartons or the ones I've boiled for the children's sandwiches!

The weather has been lovely so the children have spent hours outside each day. They've been very busy playing creative games, jumping on the trampoline (Elijah is getting daring and has been trying all sorts of tricks!), playing in the sandpit with the water, gardening with me and bird-watching. We've seen a few new species in our garden this week and have enjoyed drawing them into our Nature Notebooks.

Harvesting tomatoes - we have to do this every few days to keep up with them!

Saraya has always loved insects, and this week she's been madly collecting anything she can! She literally spends hours just collecting and watching the insects move about in here, asking me to "Google what spiders eat, Mama" (ah, the age of technological children...) and trying to create little ecosystems for her creatures. Not all of them survive, but there's a lot of learning going on here!!


...they call me mommy... said...

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! Your kiddos are adorable!!! I will have to check out that Wildlife of the World book...I wonder if I can get it at the library?
A website that my kids LOVE is

Love in Christ,

jazzy cat said...

So many wonderful snapshots into your lives! I love the brief glimpse I see of your garden and the many rewards you all reap from it! So great to see people enjoying nature, especially at a young age (how old am I?) Dad would be so proud to see a budding entomologist (he failed with me!). Now if you could just get Elijah to look at those diseased plants - and the wonders of fungal friends ;-) (p.s. would love some eggs fresh from the chook - lucky things!).

Copland said...

Man, your tomatoes are on the go already? Am I running late or are you running early?

OK, back to the garden. Hope all is well for the Fern family!

Saminda said...

Not sure Andrew - could be a different variety! I think you might be running late.....?

Theresa said...

Eggs, yes please! If you send them now I could have scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast in the morning:)

Saminda said...

I would if I could, Theresa!!! We're having scrambled eggs this morning too. :)

Heather said...

I'm jealous of all your eggs (and tomatoes!)

I love the picture of the kids reading in a box. CUTE!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Such delightful pictures! My children also used to love Reader Rabbit... definitely one of the better computer resources for reinforcing reading and maths concepts. We have had bug catchers too... though watch out with the interest in spiders. A few years ago my daughter used a bug catcher to trap a spider which she had found in her room. She brought it in to show us and we nearly died, she had caught a funnel web, a big, black angry funnel web. We had to drown it in fly spray, it took ages to die! It was a lesson learned and she soon learned to recognize the more dangerous critters!
Thank you for the encouragement you passed on to me from your experience with Cathy's birth in hospital. I am definitely going to write a comprehensive, clear birth plan. I regretted not doing this for the twins. The nurses in theatre only gave me a quick glimpse from a distance of my new baby girls who were in perfect condition and not in need of any attention but they whisked them away to have them checked out and took them to the nursery. I did not see them until much later. I had been so looking forward to those first few moments you spend with your newborn after birth. I felt robbed! The recovery room was awful. I was left alone with an old woman who was delirious after her op, who was wailing and shouting out weird things! I'm praying I will not have to experience this again!

AmFriend said...

Love the picture of Elijah with his vine ripened tomatoes :). You're kids look like such sweethearts. It must really be warming up too, as I notice William is running around without pants.


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