Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please Pray!

UPDATED TO SAY: Cathy has had very gradual but progressive pre-labour all night and today. It's now been about 24 hours since I first went over to be with her - she has had several long brackets of sleep in that time though as her uterus rested, and she is in good spirits and feeling strong to continue. Baby is doing great.
I had trouble catching sleep last night and admit I am feeling exhausted- got about half an hour- hard to imagine being up all night for a second night running, so please pray for stamina for me (and Cathy of course!). I came home and have had my children since late morning (it's now 3:30pm) and need a rest before heading back. Stu should be home soon and that will be possible.
Please pray for a smooth continuation of labour tonight, and for that more active stage of labour to kick in!! We are really looking forward to moving into the next bit. :) Thank you friends.

Just a quick post to say I am waiting for Stuart to get home from work, then heading over to Cathy's home because.......... she's 99% sure she's in labour!!! Hooray!!!!! She is SO ready for this!

Please keep Cathy in your prayers over the next few hours and beyond (not knowing exactly where she's at, it could be awhile yet) - for peace and stamina and a safe, beautiful, natural birth of baby Laura (yes, that is her name!) - and for Gary and myself too - for wisdom in supporting Cathy, stamina, etc. I will update when there is news!



Heather said...

Praying for you and Cathy. I hope everything goes smoothly :)

Kelly said...

Totally! Praying that the sweet babe is already here!!

Sandra said...

So, very exciting! Love and prayers for Cathy and her family and for you as you support her.

AmFriend said...

Hoping it all went well...Anxiously awaiting an update on Cathy and Laura. Praying for a healthy, safe delivery.


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