Monday, August 31, 2009

An Update

Thanks so much everyone for your well-wishes and prayers for Stuart. He is doing better. The pain in his toe over the weekend has at times been excruciating - we are all getting into the swing of running for pain killers for him, for an ice pack, for extra cushions to keep the leg elevated, etc. Sleep has been a bit elusive, but we're getting there.

We were extremely blessed on Saturday afternoon as we first had a visit from Jane (complete with guinea pig = very happy Saraya :)), then from my parents who traveled all the way up from Brisbane to spend the night with us. Totally made our day, considering we'd missed out on our planned weekend away due to the accident! The children were so thrilled to have them here. We'd also had visits from Stu's Dad and two of his Aunts the afternoon before the accident which was so nice!

We don't know how the long the healing process will take. At this stage, the bleeding from the toe wound seems to have stopped which is positive. It had been bleeding more than we would have liked. I'm hoping I'll get better at changing the dressing............. man, I never could have made a nurse!! The nail will take about 100 days" (apparently) to grow back- and will certainly be tender for quite awhile. The breaks will take about 6 weeks to heal. Stu is still using crutches to walk around - though is spending most of his time in the recliner or on the bed. "Great Expectations" by Dickens has come down off the shelf and should keep him going for awhile. :) He's loving it and has said he's going to work through all our Dickens after this one! He's hoping to be back at work ASAP as they have so much going on out there at the moment. Praying the healing is swift for his sake. :)

As for the rest of us, we'll keep taking care of our wounded man of the house, and carry on with life. I'm about to start some reading and lessons with the children and get into some washing and menu planning for the week before we do the grocery shopping.

And maybe at some stage I'll have the heart to unpack our suitcases which were so diligently packed on Saturday morning - before we made the difficult decision to stay home. :(

Onwards and upwards!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


...they call me mommy... said...

Glad to hear everything is going a wee bit better!!! Sorry about your trip...soon again hopefully!

I love the 'onward & upward'...great attitude!

Many blessings!

Tamra said...

Sorry to hear about Stuart. Have to say he gets some pretty interesting injuries. I know the pain of no toenail and the pain of a broken toe. can't imagine them together so am praying the pain is continually lessening.

have a good week!!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I've just caught up with your latest posts. The old Amy Grant song 'Angels watching over me' comes to mind. Praise God for his wonderful protection of your husband and the support He sent along. Will be praying for a speedy recovery and alleviation of the pain.

Theresa said...

Glad to hear everything is ok with Stuart and that family hace come by to visit.

Yes we were wanting to come and visit in August but a few changes happened here that didn't allow for the time away. I certainly miss everyone and would like to see you and the family.

We still want to come up and visit...just not sure when it will happen now that I am back at work.

AmFriend said...

Glad to hear that Stuart is on the mend. Sorry about your canceled plans, but at least you have the ability to take that trip at a later date as a happy, whole, blessed intact family. Praying still for patience, healing, and perseverance.

Renata said...

Oh my goodness - I had to jump to the earlier post to see what had happened. Will pray for Stu & yourself - a broken bone is very painful.


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