Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sweet Saturday Pleasures

The children don't get to see their Papa much during the week. He is often gone, or just about to go, by the time they wake up. They have stories at night which ties them over, but they, and he, and I (!) really look forward to their special outing on Saturdays. Saturday is now called "Papa Day" in this house! And their 2 hours out has slowly turned into 3 or 4, and no-one is complaining about that. :) After many years of craving this sort of weekly break, I don't take any minute of it for granted.

I love that he doesn't tell them - or me for that matter - where they are going. Such suspense! There are usually a few 'jobs' to do in town, then something fun that only he would ever do with the children. Papa Day has truly become a highlight for everyone, and I cherish that he cares enough to invest such precious time for them. And me.

Some pleasures I have enjoyed this morning:

* Catching up on the washing. All done!
* Reading several chapters of Good Wives. In the sunshine, on the windowseat.
* Utter, total, complete peace and quiet.
* Reading more old posts on my favourite blog right now, Pleasantview Schoolhouse. Slowly reading through Anna's posts from 2006 onwards has been so enriching!
* Printing out 2 new recipes to try today. Homemade Granola Bars are in the oven, and Straightforward Asian Soup will be in the pot in a few hours time.
* Spending a bit of time watching the chooks after feeding them. Collecting 3 more warm eggs to pop in the basket with the other 30. Still getting 4-6 eggs a day! Somehow managing to eat them all, giving a few dozen away here and there.
* Relishing a full hour practising at my piano. That will be the highlight of this day. I am desperate to play more and being realistic, Saturday mornings is just the best time to do it.
* Knowing my family will be home soon, full of stories to tell me.


Heather said...

I'm so jealous of your peaceful alone time. What a good daddy Stu is!

Let me know what you think of the granola bars. My family ate them all within a day, and want another pan already!

Dee said...

I've just discovered your blog recently, it's lovely. I also read thru all of Anna's posts. She is one of my favorites. Enjoy your weekend!

Sandra said...

An involved Daddy/Papa makes a big difference in children's lives, to be sure! And a happy mummy makes for a wonderful home.
Keep on enjoying your time.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

My children are also blessed to have their dad home on Fridays. My husband decided to request a 4 day working week when he switched jobs a couple of years ago. Although it means less wages it was worth it just to have him home an extra day. It is our family project day when we work together to get outside work done... building our swimming pool and gardening.
You have reminded me about the Pleasant view schoolhouse blog... have not visited there for a while. Oh if only I could sew like Anna does!

Mythopoeia said...

I got here from Linden's 'Willowcliffe Studios', and just wanted to let you know how beautiful and inspiring I find your blog. Your children are absolutely adorable, too! Thank you for sharing :)


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