Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Before Saraya's dance class this afternoon, we hit the op shops for the first time in ages -probably a year. :( I LOVE the chance to look for treasures in op shops! It was a handful with an unhappy William (teething and a slight cold), but we found a few great little books for the children, a few clothing bits and pieces for all of them, a 50c doll for Saraya and a 50c little clicky toy thing for Elijah that he really really wanted........ and a new top for me, some gorgeous homemade very Anne-ish pyjamas which I'm currently wearing.......... and these.

A Target dress - not $30, but $6. Yay, I'm happy!

This long and floaty skirt - $4. I've been wishing for more skirts for ages but they're so hard to come by.

And my absolute favourite find......... this very vintage, French-looking dress for $6. I. love. it. Bring on Spring!


JM said...

oh!!! I'm jealous!!!

Haven't found nice clothing for an age!

Isn't it funny how badly kids want something when out shopping, I have more trouble with RJ at the op shop then anywhere else :)

Dee said...

Love that last dress too! You found some great things. I never seem to have much luck.....

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I used to love going to op shops, I even had an 'op shop posh' theme for my 40th birthday party! We have a number of op shops around this region but I've noticed that since 'vintage' became trendy the prices have been going up. Most of the cotton clothes are cut up and sold as rags which is a real shame.
Anything with a label or genuine vintage is priced a lot higher. Do you find the same in QLD?
So I was delighted to go to a garage sale on the weekend and find children's clothes for 20 cents an item and it was all good stuff, Pumpkin Patch for the girls and Peter Rabbit baby clothes. The thing is now because I'm known for my garage sale bargains if I or the twins wear anything new... people ask 'garage sale?'!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

What great finds, I especially love that skirt!

Theresa said...

I too love a good op shop bargain. I have arranged two "Op shop till you drop" tours visiting all the Op shops in our area (about ten) and then we head to the cafe for a well deserved coffee, or for me as you now a cold coke!

It's a win, win! Time spent with the girlfriends, bargains galore and coffee. How can you go wrong.


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