Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clay Creations

Cathy recently sourced out real pottery clay and we happily accepted half of the 10kg bag. :)

Yesterday afternoon (just before the 'sponge painting' session) our table became one of Clay Creations.

Saraya also worked hard on a very tiny table and four chairs, two teensy bowls, two teensy cups and a teapot, for her little kitten family. Very sweet! All drying now.

Today I have been struck down with migraines- not pleasant- and have struggled through the day with market shopping, jobs in town, etc. Thankfully a restful afternoon, though the migraine is still hovering. Very helpful children. I appreciate the way they 'step up' when I'm not well!

Hoping to shake the headaches by morning.


Renata said...

I hope you feel better soon. That clay sounds great for art! My children are sorely lacking in the art area as I'm getting too frustrated on the time it's taking them to complete their schoolwork - I think we need a holiday - next week YAY!!

Laura said...

I love doing clay!!! I used to do it all the time, and made a little house, with tables and people and fruits and dishes and furniture. I loved it... then my brother tripped one time and broke it all. (I was very sad...)
But yes, clay is wonderful to play with when you're a kid.
And I'm hoping you feel better soon!


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