Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Autumn Celebration

Today we had quite an autumn celebration in our home. Not really planned, the day just sort-of unfolded that way and I went with it.

Firstly we completed our eggy project which was ....... little beeswax egg-shaped candles! I had never tried candle-making before, so it was a new thing for me. Inspiration found here and tutorial found here if you wish to try it yourself!

I learnt a lot this morning - mostly that when beeswax melts the quantity tends to "shrink". Even after 3 separate wax meltings I still ended up with not quite enough wax. Which meant our candles weren't quite egg-shaped as the wax didn't reach the top of the eggshells. But that's okay! They still worked. And I would like to try them again next week.

Melting our slithers of beeswax

Using a funnel to pour it into our eggshells

Leaving to harden

We cleaned and tidied the living rooms this morning and I emptied the vase of withered roses and replaced them with these warm-coloured grasses, cut from the hedging down the side of the verandah.

The children went on an autumn nature hunt and used their discoveries to make this table centrepiece, an autumn inspired table wreath.

Saraya happily peeled away at the shells once the candles had hardened

And the table centrepiece made the perfect frame for our home made candle, which we lit at dinner time. Very special!

Saraya read us all a poem we found called "Autumn Song" - welcoming the falling leaves and cooler weather. We dined on pumpkin soup and wholemeal rolls, then apple and raspberry puff and home made vanilla ice-cream. Yum!!

It was a good, long, productive day. I am tired tonight but I know my children enjoyed this spontaneous seasonal celebration, and so did I. :)


Trina said...

Hey there Saminda, Wow what a wonderful sounding day.. :0) I must say that those candles look very impressive... You are one very clever Mamma.. :0)

jazzy cat said...

You certainly have a wealth of inspirational activities Min! What a clever mould for candles!! Ah, the joys of Autumnal weather indeed! Just wish we had the glorious colours of northern hemisphere trees in autumn to really set the cooler weather off to perfection...

Renata said...

Hi Saminda - sorry it's been so long in catching up. I love your candles - they look fantastic! I've got a dvd on candlemaking & really want to give it a go.
Where did you get your beeswax from? I've been after some to make some moisturizing cream.

Enjoy your autumn weather - it's beginning to cool down here alright, but the deciduous trees aren't displaying their beautiful colours just yet - won't be long though!
Have a lovely day
Renata :)

AmFriend said...

What a delightful day. Love the look of the lit candle in the autumn inspired table wreath

Sandra said...

Well, I'm inspired! You are a very talented and creative bunch.

Laura said...

I adore pumpkin soup! I miss it so much... sadly I can't have it till I'm off medications.

Your day looked absolutely lovely. I've always wanted to make candles but have been able to do so just once at a friend's house. It saddens me, because I loved it and now want to do it even more. Mum always said we would, but it was always put off until later. I have all the supplies, and have been begging to do it since I was about five. *sigh* That's fourteen years I've waited.

I love the centrepiece as well, it's definitely something I either did, or would have done, as a child!


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