Saturday, March 13, 2010


Saraya made a house and little man named Jack who was played with for most of the day.

We had another cocoon open up - our very first butterfly! She had the most beautiful cocoon, so Saraya had named her Beauty. She watched her for a little while, drew her, then let her go. I tell you, my kitchen is turning into an insect nursery!! (and I'm running out of containers....)

We made these mosaic leaf bracelets as part of our welcome Autumn week.
Make a bracelet shape from masking tape, sticky side out. Collect pretty leaves, snip them up, and stick them on.
Saraya wound up making a whole heap more, including a rose petal anklet for me. Cute!

I had told a sweet friend of mine that we had run out of paint, and she surprised me by bringing over a tub of homemade cornflour paint yesterday (and an oregano seedling which is now at home in the veggie garden!). Thanks so much Petrina, we had fun painting yesterday afternoon.

We discovered loads of new cucumbers maturing on the vine.....

......... and our very first sunflower in bloom! With lots more on their way, yay. :)

And shortly we're having lots of company for lunch, so I'd better go get organised! Happy weekend everyone.


...they call me mommy... said...

How neat, Saminda! So can you tell me how to go about catching a caterpiller, what to feed them, and how to do this same thing with my kids...I would love to know and am such a novice! The bracelets are a fabulous idea as well! :)

Also would love the recipe for the cornstarch paint! :)

Sorry, I'm very greedy today!
Thanks for sharing what you are up too! You've been inspiring me!

Saminda said...

I'll get the cornflour paint recipe from my friend for you Amy - I need it too, it was so useful! :)

About the caterpillars.... I can't really say how we've managed to hatch so many lately..... Saraya has literally been finding and keeping caterpillars for years and we've never had any hatch! I think she used to "play" with them too much and because they were handled so much they couldn't eat all they needed to and they died. Lately we've been spotting caterpillars on plants in the garden, picking off the leaf they are on and a few extra leaves (obviously if they're eating those in the garden they'll eat them in a container too!), and putting all that into a container. We put clingwrap on top with some tiny holes pricked in it. Then put it up somewhere high where toddlers can't reach it, and wait. :) If it eats all the leaves, obviously pick more of the same. Eventually it should cocoon itself. Again, we look every day but don't touch - of course you can touch but the success rate of transformation may be less!

Hope that helps. I love your blog too. ;) xo

...they call me mommy... said...

Ok, thanks, Saminda! I think we can do that! Can't wait to try this! :)

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min,

Something lead me to look at my blog today, for the first time in nearly a year. And what should I find but a lovely note from you!
I'll be sure to send you a letter soon! Saraya has such a love for nature's creatures doesn't she! That cornflour paint sounds intriguing!!

JM said...

loving the mosaic bracelet, we'll be trying that one :)


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