Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rain and Colds and Shells

Today has brought us lots of wind and rain and much cooler weather. For us, it's been the perfect excuse to stay indoors and do cosy things! Drinking warm milo, building forts with chairs and sheets and pillows, dancing to music, reading, napping, learning and creating. I read a chapter of my book and even stayed in my pyjama pants all day .... just because they're so comfy. :)

Little Will is down with a cold, so lots of extra cuddles for him.

He looks pretty cheery here, but trust me he has insisted upon those cuddles most of the day. :) Lots of tissues. And a big nap. Poor little guy.

I have been blessed exploring the blog Childhood Magic this week - if you need inspiration in mothering / homeschooling ...... in the way of making things brighter / more creative / more homemade and artistic etc., then visit her blog! She is very clever and so inspiring. I know I'd never be able to do most of what is shown there, at least I feel motivated to do more in the way of creating with my kids.

So today, we made jewelery.

We took out our collection of shells from our trip to the beach a fortnight ago, and sorted through them. The kids talked about colours and textures and which ones they found themselves, and which ones Grandpa or Uncle Michael had found and given them. Some had a little hole in them, perfect for threading onto thin leather banding.

Washing our chosen shells

Elijah's finished necklace!

And Saraya's!

Later the kids and I were sitting inside and Saraya sighed, saying "I just love the feeling of having Grandpa, Uncle Michael, and the sea around my neck". :) Smile.

Happy (wet) Monday friends!



Your little merbabies look gorgeous in the seashell necklaces! Thanks for your kind words about my blog--they put a smile on my face. Keep creating!!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

We are inside too today thanks to the rain. We don't need to make a trip up to QLD at the moment as Brett's grandmother is still with us, she is quite resilient and I'm fairly certain wants to get her telegram from the Queen in six years time! Anyway I will email you later.

AmFriend said...

What an awesome looking spiral shell Saraya has on her necklace. Sorry to hear that Will and Stu our under the weather. Hope everyone is in tip-top shape soon.


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