Sunday, March 21, 2010


Late in the afternoon yesterday, Stuart and Saraya were mowing the grass and William and I were spending some time outside together, walking and chatting, looking at the flowers and kicking the ball etc. Elijah had asked if he could take some photos with my camera (something he and Saraya both enjoy) - so he was pottering around indoors and out, capturing the beautiful and whimsical from his own perspective.

When we came inside for baths and dinner, I uploaded them onto the computer for him to look at. There were about 90 photos there! I was just amazed with some of them. This boy is only 4, and I just love his arty perspective on things! I thought I'd put up some of my favourites. Hope you enjoy them too. Our place through Elijah's eyes. :)


AmFriend said...

Oh, nicely done Elijah! Love #s 5, 7, 10, 11,& 12. Thanks for sharing your viewpoint with us.

Heather said...

That boy has a future in photography. I loved those!

Way to go Elijah!

Renata said...

I love seeing things through the kids eyes. We have a collection of photos that Zai took when he was 4 - they are just so cute!

Chocolate Vegetables said...

I love the big gate and the one under chairs or a table?

Kids do see things so differently. I love how they don't ignore the beauty in the ordinary as we tend to as adults.

Jen in NSW

Laura said...

Encourage him to pursue this more! He's definitely got a gift there!


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