Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Bittersweet Transition

I am grappling to get my head around a bittersweet transition little William has decided to impose on me this week.

He has decided to start using the toilet.

Yes, my sweet 22 month old is requesting to use the toilet. A poo yesterday afternoon and a wee this morning. What a clever boy he is!! He has decided his reward for a successful toilet trip is that I read him 'Peepo' - his current favourite peek-a-boo picture book. I'm happy with that!

Goodbye fluffy nappy bottoms and hello toddler training pants. *Sigh*. Am I ready for my littlest babe to be doing this?!? He is growing up way too fast.


Photos: William sleeping in the sling.
And my bigger Will, joining in with craft at the table last week.

1 comment:

Renata said...

This is wonderful! He certainly is doing well to begin now. It is a bit bittersweet going out of nappies though. However think of how much less washing you'll have once he's fully toilet trained!


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