Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little? Harvest

After a big outing with their Papa this morning (during which time I baked and washed dishes and read my book and surfed the net and vacuumed and mopped the floors and swept the verandah and planned our homeschooling for the week - phew! amazing what one can do with no interruptions :)), my little ones were out in the garden with me this afternoon. All this rain has made everything grow FAST!!! And it's still forecast rain for another week yet!

We weeded the vegetable garden while it sprinkled rain on us - it was sort of mystical. Misty and fresh and cool. We were down on our knees weeding when Elijah said to me "This is a good job to do together Mama. You shouldn't do all the work you know. Anytime you need to weed, get me. I'll help you." Um, pardon?! My children are wonderful but they are certainly not perfect, and generally don't offer to help out unless asked. So having 2 willing helpers and Elijah's little chat was so special. We chatted about lots of things whilst pulling weeds and examining all the flowering / fruiting plants around us.

We mulched again with more straw, and then the rain really started bucketing down! So we came inside for warm baths and warm dinner. And part of our dinner was......

...... our first cucumber! It's a whopper! It was crunchy and juicy and I think Saraya ate about 15 slices. I hope we get some more from the vine soon.

Well, I'm off to wash dishes and then settle down with Stu to watch the Lord of the Rings. We've been watching it again together over the past 2 weekends - we're up to the second part of The Two Towers. Such a wonderful trilogy.

See you tomorrow!


Kimmie said...

Wow, that cucumber is HUGE! Soon spring will be here in our neck of the woods. No real signs of spring yet...though most of our lawn is now exposed from its snowy winter blanket.

I had said I would not have a garden this year. I am still not sure. Simenesh has missed so much of her childhood...I want life to focus around her. A garden can be such work...still debating. My hope was to mulch all the beds heavily in the spring and hope to just enjoy all the flowers for the rest of the season.

5 weeks until we go get our darling in Ethiopia! Praying for the last of our finances...looks like it will be about $23,000 needed with travel and such added in. God is able.

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted!

AmFriend said...

Sounds like a lovely day of abundant blessings shared with your precious family.

Sandra said...

Fantastic looking cucumber and capsicums. The rain will be doing great things for the plants.
Another productive day for you :)


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