Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On my To-do List today.....

Updated at 4:20pm ..........

* Clean the kitchen - check
* Vacuum the floor - check
* Sweep the front verandah - check
* Do 3 loads of washing (I'm a bit behind...) - check
* Make vanilla ice-cream - check
* Dispose of insect remains / leaves etc. from the containers all over the house - check
* Do Saraya's lessons with her (for today it's literacy, maths, ancient history and reading) - check
* Bake a slice - check
* Make chicken korma curry for dinner - about to start
* Make up the guest bed for a mystery visitor... :) - check
* Move Will's cot into our bedroom - check
* Get the kids to help me tidy their rooms thoroughly - check
* Clean both toilets and bathroom sinks - check
* Dusting - check
* Cut and arrange flowers for mystery visitor's bedroom, and for the dining table - check
* Be done by 4:30pm in time for the arrival of our wonderful mystery visitor! (who I promise to reveal to you sometime soon :)) Any guesses?

Happy Wednesday everyone! xo

Update ----- We're ready for my Mum to arrive!! It's nearly 4:30pm and she's going to be a half hour late. Which gives me time to get dinner going and do something with these very over-excited children!!!!


JM said...

aargh! Could you get any busier? hmm? Mystery visitor... curiouser and curiouser...

Kimmie said...

Wow, I am tired just from reading your to-do-list.

Is your mum coming to visit?

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Theresa said...

Mystery Guest = Mum :)

Saminda said...

Yep, well done. :) My Mum is coming up to stay for 3 days, hooray!!! I can't wait to see her.

From the kitchens of friends said...

what a wonderful whirlwind of activity - I bet you feel great!
Glad your Mum's coming - hope the visit is full of joy, tlc, and sunshine for you all:)

Kelly said...

I especially like the 'throw out insect remains' one-glad to see we're not the only ones! We even had a red-bellied black snake in a jar a few weeks back (yes, I found it dead, no Steve Irwin type exploits here!)

Sandra said...

Enjoy your visit with your mum!

Jessica said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I really appreciated your comment & look forward to reading about your family & your homeschooling adventures! :)

Vicki said...

Hi Saminda, I'm Vicki, we've met a couple of times at the library on a Thursday (I was the one there during the infamous poo incident!) Kelly George (I know her through a forum) linked me to your blog cause I'm interested in Homeschooling, and she said you'd be a good person to talk to. I'd love to catch up, we normally go to the markets and library on Thursdays. My email is, but I'd prefer that didn't get public if that's ok. I've loved having a little read of your blog, you have such lucky kids!


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