Wednesday, March 3, 2010


If you have ever wondered why mathematics is higher on the educational heirarchy than music or dance; if you feel your children are losing creativity as they get older (or you yourself have :)); if you've never thought about these things but are now interested ............ watch this clip! Grab a drink - it goes for 20 minutes - and be prepared to be challenged:

It's a clip which circulated around the school where Stuart works, challenging teachers to think through what they're teaching, how they're teaching it, and why. Interesting. We both loved it!

Rain again today. And cold. This Autumn change has been swift!

William had a good sleep last night, is still clingy but a little better today. Stuart unfortunately is still feeling unwell and sneezy and is home from work today. Which, fortunately for me, allowed me the chance to go and grocery shop on my own. This is a rare treat! I hadn't even left the house since last Thursday morning so was feeling pretty housebound. I also popped into an op shop and picked up a few bits and pieces which was fun. Stu tackled the science part of homeschooling for today - our study of ants, which is appropriate because ants have always fascinated him...... and hence our children are now fascinated!

I just snapped this photo of Elijah. He is waiting for me to play a board game with him and has done well setting up a Little People game in the meantime. I love listening to him play! Look at all those busy characters lined up. :)

Watch the video if you get the chance, and let me know what you think. It's truly a real mind-bender and fits in with lots I've been thinking about lately.

Blessings! xo


...they call me mommy... said...

I'll watch that link later, Saminda! Thanks! Love the shell necklaces, so cute! I was checking out your previous post also and LOVE that other blog your recommended! NEAT-O! I've also really enjoyed this one...
She is a former art teacher and has a lot of neat ideas! :)

Thanks for sharing! Hope the little guy heals all the way up!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

We watched the clip! Loved his Nativity story, I love speakers who use humour and I found myself in agreement with so many of the points he made. My son even at 17 still paces the floor and walks around in circles when he is thinking and he thinks aloud usually before he has to write an essay - he has done this since he was a little boy. Can you imagine a teacher allowing him to do this in a classroom! He would have been labelled ADHD I think - 'can't sit still!' This is why I love homeschooling - the freedom to be creative, to move around if you need to and to have a delight directed education.

Renata said...

I'll have to come back later & watch that! Your boys sure are growing up. I was thinking in your newer post how grown up Will looks & so does Elijah in this post. I also love listening to Eli & Jud playing - they are at the point of verbalising everything during their games (too cute!)
Have fun!


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