Saturday, March 20, 2010


Stuart has taken the children on their Saturday morning outing, and I'm at home, alone, and thinking.

A lot has gone in here in my little world these past couple of weeks, things I won't go into here. They're things that have got me thinking.

There have been friendship struggles, family struggles, guilt struggles, confusion struggles, financial struggles and questions. All these things have stretched me and I've had to give myself lots of time, for journaling and digging deep into His word, and thinking.

I'm a firm believer in our lives having seasons. Not just seasonal seasons, but life seasons. And this, for me, is a season for thinking.

I know God is shaping me. He is doing some things within me at the moment, and I'm surrendering to it. I'm listening. I know I'm growing through all this thinking!

It's a good thing. My vision has been fuzzy, but it seems to be getting a little clearer. My priorities have been sharpened. My sense of self becoming more distinct. And this makes me happy. I know I have a lot to learn. And learning to relax, and trust, and live for my God and my family first have been some of my initial lessons.

This, simply, is my season for thinking.

"To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1

"We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome." R C Allen


AmFriend said...

Hope that everything works out okay. Glad you are stretching yourself while thinking. God works in mysterious ways for sure. Love the feet shots. ADORABLE!

jazzy cat said...

Well looks like you've been doing abit more than just thinking today...if the new blog look is anything to go by ;-) Love a good time to catch-up and reflect. I was 'thinking' that I should start journaling again too instead of 'wasting' time on the computer. And read the bible, and cook more, and clean the house and and and and..look where all this thinking gets you :-)

Saminda said...

Thanks Amy, I'm sure it will :)I always appreciate your kind words!
And Jen - yes, I had a bit of time for myself and really enjoyed mucking around with the blog. A bit of creativity! I wrote you a letter last week and will get it in the mail SOON!! xo

Kimmie said...

You are very wise dear Saminda.
very wise.

mama to 8
one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

Stacy said...

Thank you, Saminda.. for your sweet comment on my blog!

Glad you are inspired about the books.. we are loving both series!

How are you enjoying Little Men? I keep wanting to delve into Louisa May Alcott but wonder if I should wait until my kids are a little older.

Blessings to you and yours!


Saminda said...

Stacy - I would highly recommend Little Men for children 4 and up. Some of the language is a little difficult, and a few of the boys in the story have come from rough backgrounds - but they learn so much about trust and love and faith and hard work etc, it's worth reading their initial struggles as well. I would wait for the other books in the series though - I am anyway. :)

Renata said...

It is so important to lean on God when we are struggling - & we've also had our fair share lately.
I love your perspective on it all - a time of thinking.
God bless you
Renata :)

PS I forgot to mention that I really like your new blog look!


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