Saturday, March 27, 2010


I am thinking through ways to make our Easter celebrations special and meaningful for the coming week.

Would you share with me your ideas / family traditions / things you loved or remember from your own childhoods? I need some ideas, friends!


Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Well, I didn't see this post, but I'm glad that I could answer it anyway!! :)
Be blessed! Oh, and I just started One Million Arrows...I'll race you to the finish. :)

Sandra said...

The boys are very keen on Easter hunts, with clues along the way.
You can make the questions to reflect the Easter story if you liked.
At Sunday School we celebrate Palm Sunday every year with a parade, dress ups and palm branches.
If you google Easter cookie recipe you could do some baking that shares the Easter message.
And Easter crafts would be fun.
There's some things for starters!

jazzy cat said...

Sorry no great ideas from me, as I don't really remember doing much apart from going to church. Oh, the easter hat competition at school? Maybe you could adapt that for a special creative art project for the children - since that seems to be a passion of theirs...? An easter event calendar i.e. like an advent calendar - with a special drawing/design made by the children for each day leading up to Easter along with the corresponding bible passage verse?

Karen said...

We use "Resurrection Eggs" and the accompanying booklet to talk about the Easter events at bedtime the week before Easter. They're available here at most Christian bookstores or through As a fun tradition we always hardboil eggs and paint them. And it is traditional that someone paints one with 3 crosses on one side and the empty tomb on the other side. We usually get together (this year with my family) for Easter Dinner after we all attend our separate churches. We hunt the eggs we painted in the afternoon if the weather permits (no hard-boiled egg hunts inside for us). My mom often gives the kids a gift...usually a pansy or other small plant.

~Amanda in Vic. said...

We have started an Easter lapbook - using the idea of the resurrection eggs (I haven't found them in Australia yet, so decided to get creative!)
You can see it with the links for the things I used on my blog.

Last year I did a craft for each special day through out the easter period. I found many crafts online. Maybe do a little devotion for each day, with a corresponding craft to concrete it.

Have a blessed Holy Week!


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