Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Escape to the Park

We finished our lessons early this morning, and took an escape to the park in town for a couple of hours. We seldom do this, so it was a real treat for everyone. We had a picnic and a play and a big big walk. It was good for me; for the children. Fresh air to breathe, and nature all around us.

The boys played in the leaves

Saraya had a good explore for insects, as usual :)


Playing in our favourite tree



A very full river after SO much rain

So nice to break from our normal routines today, and just go see the beautiful big world God made for us to enjoy. :)


AmFriend said...

Looks like a lovely place to escape to, adventure in, and relax and picnic together as a family. Your favorite tree is very neat looking!

Trina said...

What beautiful snap shots... It looked like such an enjoyable day.. :0)

Sandra said...

Looks a great place to escape to and enjoy. Yes, the river certainly looks full after all this rain. The sunny sky today is doing my heart good.

JM said...

We are so lucky to have that beautiful space :) The photo of your children amongst the tree is Beautiful:) So happy to see you and your little 'uns escaping the house and into this wonderful sunshine!!!! (which has alas decided to hide out again today :(

Saminda said...

Well Jane, you asked for photos and you got them. :) Yes, it is such a beautiful park. Must go more often!


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