Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 stripey boys and a monkey

So yes, I did it.  I bought matching outfits for my boys last week, and today they wore them out.
We had a long but fun morning out at Mainly Music, and doing the grocery shopping.

I love my boys, and I have to say I love their matching stripes!  (oh, and that face of Will's in the last photo 
does indeed mean "get me outta here! I'm DONE". :))


Tamra said...

very cute. I love to dress my girls in matching outfits. Now I'll have to learn to coordinate their clothes with little boy clothes. =)

Cathy said...

That is so gorgeous!!!

It's got me thinking about matching outfits for a new baby girl and her 8 year old sister - may need to find a pattern to sew though- and why not a matching outfit for a teddy or doll as well:)

I think you've shown great restraint in only having one set of matching outfits;)

Love it! Love them! Love you!

Tereza said...

Very cute! I do the same thing to my two youngest girls...I love the little twin look:)

Renata said...

Love the new outfits - very cute!! I've been thinking about buying all of my boys matching outfits as well - I think it would be cute!


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