Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ever wondered?

Ever wondered what to do with that strip of leftover contact?  You know, that bit that's left over after all the school books are covered?

Well, my 6 year old girl has the answer.  She discovered it during her pre-rest-time-manic-creative-fest this afternoon.

Yes, you're welcome to borrow this idea to decorate your own long-sleeved denim dress. :0)  
So long as you give credit where credit's due. ;)


Renata said...

I have some of that exact contact here! Very creative of Saraya - your dress looks beautifully decorated.

Sandra said...

Lovely style and use of the product.
Nathan makes little wrist bands for playing super heroes. Not as much style. A lot more noise.

Tereza said...

very cute..she looks proud of her accomplishments!


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