Saturday, April 25, 2009

About Me - (a post by Saraya!)

Today  for  breakfast  i  had  cereal  and  a  banana  and  then  i  played  with   Elijah.  We  played  
Babies.  it  was  so  fun.   and  then  i  went  to  Jana's  birthday  party.   i   had  a  yummy  cake.  
  Jana  was  turning  7.  i  had  fun  talking  to   you  from  saraya.  :) 


Cathy said...

Hello from Chloe!
Good to see you on the blog, too!
I bet once you start doing a blog, you'll find it's really fun cause I think it is.
See you at church!

Renata said...

Hi Saraya - love your post. Glad you had such a lovely day!


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