Monday, April 6, 2009

Such a boy!

Even at 10 1/2 months, my William is such a boy.  Let him loose outside, and he just goes wild. Literally.  Dirt, bark, sand, water, mulch, soil, rocks, pebbles, grass ................... wide open spaces, free-ranging chickens .................... he LOVES it!

You want evidence?

This was after a half-hour or so of baby-free-ranging this morning. :)
And yes, that IS a chick feather on his foot. 

I heard a saying once that "a dirty baby is a happy baby".  That makes William a very happy wee boy!  And nothing that a bath can't fix, I say!  


Renata said...

He does look happy! I think boys just have to get as dirty & messy as possible. Baths are very good things!

Heather said...

William always looks happy! I love his big grin.

It's funny how kids are so different - Bee hated getting dirty, and was always extremely careful to keep her clothes nice. Cakes doesn't care at all. When she was a baby, she ate everything under the sun - including a big glob of mud. I found her sitting under a tree, munching away on it like it was candy.

Oh well...I always say that she probably has a terrific immune system now!

Tamra said...

My girls have looked like that the last couple of days too. =)

Thought Stuart might like the pic of this cool looking kite.

Theresa said...

Oh yes he is indeed a boy! Nathaniel loves the outdoors and why not just let them at it. As you said Saminda, nothing a bath can't fix!


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