Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A day in my life - April.

Well, I missed the 14th yet again yesterday- but I'm doing it a day late rather than missing another month of day-logging!

My Day - Wednesday 15th April 2009

5:50am - Got up with a bright-eyed William.  Fed him his bottle by lamplight while reading my book (yes, it's still dark at that time!).  Checked for a Stellan update. :)
Got the washing out of the dryer, searched for some clean clothes for Will.  Changed his nappy and dressed him.  Got dressed myself and did my hair etc.
7am- Other children awake and straight into a game in their room!  Went and said good morning.  Made everyone fruit toast and milos for breakfast- a treat :)  
7:30- Ate my breakfast while feeding William grapes and toast.
Cleaned up, washed dishes etc.  Gave the living areas a quick vacuum with my new "stand on the stand to recharge cordless vacuum" love gift from Mum; it is SO handy and keeps the floors presentable until housework day!
Watched the kids play and chatted to Stu who was awake by now ;) while he ate breakfast.  
Made the beds and did the kids teeth and hair.
Loaded the dryer with more washing (yes, rain still hanging around).  Heard someone across the street playing the piano, got inspired to play, and asked Saraya to "mummy" William for me for 10 minutes so I could play!  She obliged nicely and I so enjoyed that time.
9:15am - Put on ABCKids for the children, and they watched while munching apples.
Stu and I talked and ended up some deep discussions.......... which I won't go into.  Ups and downs, but we're up again tonight which is good!
Put William down for a nap 10am.  Got the children ready to go out with Stuart (Eli to prep with Stu to do some work, Saraya to be dropped off for a play with Chloe), talked on the phone with a friend, put the chickens (who had go out somehow) away again.  
10:30 - said goodbye to everyone, sat down to read my book for a bit.
10:45- William up and hungry!  Why does he have short naps when I'd love him to have long ones, and vica versa?????! Gave him his bottle then shared some watermelon and crackers at the table together.  Had a read while we were eating. :)
Took William outside for a play.  Phoned a friend and talked for quite awhile while Will played.  Stu rang.
12:30 - Played inside with William, our new "walking game" (have you watched the video below? he is now very officially a walker!).  Checked a few blogs.
1pm - Went outside again.  Very quiet here without the older 2 chilren!  Got the washing off the line (which had been there for nearly a week what with all this crazy rain) and folded it.  Mum rang, and well- we talked for a long time while Will played, got incredibly dirty, and I took him in and bathed him while Mum and I still chatted. :)  Very nice!
2pm - realised we had missed lunch; ate some yoghurt and a mandarin.
2:30 - gave WIlliam a bottle and yes, read again. :)  Put Will to bed.  Friend Cathy rang, talkd to her while I lay on my bed.  Then Stu rang.  Will woke up.
3:15 - Played with William then set him up with some containers on the kitchen floor, I washed the dishes.  Let the chickens out to free range.
3:45 - Everyone home!!  William VERY happy. :)
4pm - Our real estate agent arrived.  Yes, we are 'toying' with the idea of moving house and wanted to discuss some things with him.  Let's just say the last couple of years have been difficult, and maybe a fresh start in a new home would be a good thing?  Still thinking/praying about this.  Set up the children with playdough and spent time with Stuart and the agent.
4:45 - Ran a bath, prepared dinner.  My friend Nina rang (I really spent a LOT of time on the phone today!).
5:15 - Left Stu to bath the children and keep an eye on the potatoes, and took William out in the stroller for a walk.  Nice.  Beautiful sunset.
5:45 - Home again, served out dinner.  Had Saraya help me.  I had made a 'sausage potato salad' with left over chopped sausages from yesterday's barbeque, it was simple but quite tasty.
6pm - We had dinner.  The children and I cleared up while Stu bathed Will.  I washed the dishes and did the kids teeth etc.
7pm- Read Saraya her chapter book while Stu read to Elijah.  Tucked Saraya in, prayed with her and sang.
7:30 - Played with William in the living room, looked through a Target catalogue, talked to Stuart.
8pm - Went out to lock up the chickens (woops) and get us icecreams from the freezer. :)  A treat for the bbq yesterday which we didn't eat, yay!
8:30 - Well, it's now 8:30 and here I am, blogging.  Stu is giving William his nightime bottle and soon I am sure he will be in bed.  Then we will drink tea, and maybe watch a movie.  Stuart's keen to, we'll see if I can keep my eyes open!

So that's it.  Not an entirely interesting day and not entirely normal as we are still on holidays.  Plus it's rare for me to be home alone with William.  

We are going to the markets in the morning and having the rest of the day at home - I think.  
Please keep praying for Stellan and click on "The Copland's Blog" on my side bar to see their beautiful new baby Isaac.  Welcome Isaac!


Karen said...

Sounds much nicer then my Wednesday! oh well, some weeks have more trials then others.... It is rainy here, but the weekend is expected to be warmer and sunny. Which is good as we are all going stir crazy!

Copland said...

Hey Ferns!

Thanks for the plug Saminda. Hope you guys are all doing well. I've gotta say - I really enjoyed this day-blog post. I'm such a voyeur!

jazzy cat said...

Yes that was indeed a detailed day! Big decision to move from your dream home so I hope you work out where your path lies next. Love the sound of that vacuum cleaner and all that time chatting with friends.


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