Monday, April 13, 2009

Some photos and a surprise.......

I thought I'd do a post tonight just of photos, to let you know what we've been up to these past few days.
Firstly just wanted to share that Easter Sunday was a really nice day.  Not many photos though!  After some family time at home, we headed to Hervey Bay to spend time with special friends at the beach and at their home.  It was a really nice celebration!

William has been beautiful this past week; he has taken to falling asleep on people whenever he's tired..... that's relaxed for you!  Here he is on Saraya (who had been giving him a bottle- she was SO happy with herself for putting him to sleep!) and on Stuart just before being tucked into bed.

Jam-drop biscuit making on Saturday.  Very independent children and quite good results! Lots of fun and yummy too.

The sandpit has been the main object of my children's attention this week!  They were out there right after breakfast this morning yet again, in the rain.  Yep, in the rain, in their underwear at 8am. :)  Lots of grand constructions, adventures and mess.  Even William is joining in!

Not sure what to say about this......... I was having a cup of coffee on my window seat this morning, watching the rain (it's poured all day today, including the hour we spent walking this afternoon before tea ..... a very wet experience!), and Stuart photographed me.   It's been a very grey, typically English sort of day.  Loved it. :)
That reminds me, has anyone watched "Lost in Austen"?  If you like Pride and Prejudice, it's a must-see - hilarious and SO clever!!  We watched it last week and both loved it!

And here is the surprise!!  My sweet baby is walking!!!!!  Enjoy..............



Karen said...

Oh how fun!

jenb said...

Saminda those photos are lovely, lots of fun had by all. I just love the wobbly walk a baby first has, very cute. It doesn't last too long though, enjoy this slow pace while it lasts.

Cathy said...

What's next? The seemingly impossible:) So proud of you William!! Another miracle for the miracle boy! Love to all.

jazzy cat said...

Yet another quality "Fern Production" - and I don't just mean William ;-) Reminded me of Survivor music...hence what's next: Survivor - Walking and Beyond: The Australian Adventure!

Sandra said...

Just catching up now with all your posts. This is awesome! Love the video, love how happy he looks!


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