Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting on my King

No words of my own today. Just this prayer, in the words of Sherri Rose Shepherd......

Lord, I know in my heart that your timing is perfect, but I still feel restless in my spirit as I wait. I want to see your plans for my life unfold now. I want to know ahead of time what the future holds for me. It is so hard for me not to try to control circumstances or manipulate situations so that things happen the way I want and according to my time frame.
So, during this season of waiting, carve into my character all I will need to fulfill your amazing plans for my life. Don't let me waste my time while I wait on You. Grant me your perfect peace while you prepare me. Give me wisdom about when to move and when to be still. Rmind me daily that your timing is perfect and that your plan is for my everlasting good.
I choose to wait on your timing.


Maus said...

thanks for sharing this
i love to read this article specially this holyweek.
god bless!

Cathy said...


Remember you're always a daughter; always His; always in the palm of His Hand; under the shelter of His Wings; He's always ministering to you; you're the apple of His eye...

So loved.

Your 3 sisters in Wide Bay are surrounding you with hugs of prayer and love. We will stand with you. Always. :)

I will pray for you during the night - usually 11pm, 3am and 5am :)

Tereza said...

I hopw your rest at your moms will rejuvinate you. don't forget to take time to cry and pray and seek Gods wisdom!!

Jillian said...

By God's amazing grace I stumbled onto your blog today and found this prayer.... It seems to scream the unspoken words of my heart, and shows me hwo I need to pray during this time in my life.

Thank you for sharing it. I appreciate it!!

Kerry T said...

Hi Saminda
I just clicked back on this blog. It caught my eye, as I am reading Sheri Rose Shepherd's book - His Princess- Love Letters from Your King. They are an awesome series...So, encouraging!!!


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