Saturday, April 25, 2009

I could get used to this!

I have had a great Saturday morning!  You remember I posted the other day about William's early mornings?  Well, Stuart has taken to getting up with him a few days a week (including this morning!) which is a new thing but SO nice for me.  We're sharing the load a bit more.  Honestly, I feel more awake than I have in years.  I really am appreciating the little things Stuart is doing for me the past few weeks. :)

SO, after getting to lie in bed dozing until 7am, I had breakfast with the family, spent some time chatting with Stuart (about real estate - what else?!) than went out and had a coffee with a new friend, Petrina.  What a sweet lady and kindred spirit!  We talked family, kids, babies, schooling options, home, housing, gardens, plans, dreams, etc. etc. and it was so so nice.  And she happens to be having a baby in about 4 weeks!  Much excitement there.

After sipping coffee and being quite lost in conversation for an hour and a half, I flew home so Stuart and Saraya could head to a birthday party she was invited to this morning.  Stuart was keen to escort her and 'mingle' with the school crowd!  I am home with my boys; William is having a long sleep and I am enjoying a long "Little People" game with Elijah.  So nice to spend some one-on-one time with him. :)

So yeah, it's been an excellent morning for me!  We've all got lots of work planned for this afternoon, mostly sorting the shed and laundry, and doing some gardening/ yard work.

I better head back to the game; Elijah has just noticed I've gone!  Oh, and as an aside, the house we viewed yesterday we loved.  Seriously.  So lots of thinking and praying about that one.  I'll update when there's more to tell. :)

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Christy Walsh said...

Hi Saminda! Glad to hear you are getting some time for you on weekends and enjoying some new things! Singing and dancing sound like heaps of fun!! It's so important isn't it?!! And coffee with friends (without kids in tow) is SUCH a nice treat :) Enjoy !!


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