Thursday, April 9, 2009

He loves us!

Today I have been reminded over and over how much Jesus truly loves us.  So good to reflect on this as we approach the Easter weekend.  I always find Easter Friday difficult; images of Jesus being nailed to the cross, wearing his crown of thorns, desperately in pain as he looks towards heaven.  Tomorrow I plan to focus on Jesus' love for me, God's sovereign plan..... the sacrifice, the love, the resurrection.

Today has been nice and simple and full.  I have baked bread, played with my children, spoken on the phone to a friend (and accepted a sweet Easter barbeque invitation!), done some laundry, had a massage at my favourite clinic (Stuart had one too- we felt we both deserved it; it had been a year and were 'overdue'; we both feel sore but in a good kind of way tonight :)), took my children to the book library, made a pot of soup for tea, etc.  Nice, family time.

Tonight our church showed the Jesus movie for children; it's a good adaptation of the Easter story shown through the eyes of children whowere there and witnessed the events taking place.  I cuddled my boy on my knee and tried to explain why the men were hurting Jesus, why he had to die, how God used his death as a miracle for all of us, how much he loves us.  They are tucked in bed now.  Saraya is having a 'sleepout' on her mattress on Elijah's floor. :)  Hoping they will sleep in in the morning.........

Tomorrow?  I want to read them of Jesus' death, talk about it with them, answer their questions.  We might do some colouring-in or a similar kind of quiet activity.
And I plan to send the children outside to play for an hour or so, so I can partake in some reading. :)  I have started Kate Morton's other novel, "The Shifting Fog" and ........ well, I can't put it down!  Excellent reading, highly recommended!

I hope tomorrow brings you the quiet love of Jesus, the assurance that he could have come down from the cross but didn't because he loved us so much - he wanted to carry through with God's plan for all humanity.  He wanted to take our sinful thoughts and actions upon himself and give humankind the opportunity to come freely once again to God.

He wanted to teach us of the love of his Father.  He wanted to teach by example.  He wanted to invite us in to that personal realtionship with Him.  He endured the mocking, the pain, the death.

He wanted to show us He loves us so much. 


Anonymous said...

Amen to all of that! Can't get a hold on how much He loves us, but man I'm so glad He does!! Love you Helen.

Anonymous said...

Yes, so amazing is His love for us!!! God sent Jesus to be our Hope...Amazing!!- Kerry

Sandra said...

You sound like you had a wonderful day. I wish you a very special Easter with your family, Saminda.


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