Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oh but it's DARK!!!

It's dark.  Did I tell you it's dark??

It's also 5:34am.  And I'm sitting in the living room.  In the dark.  Well, in the lamplight.

Why, you ask?  Who is responsible for this?  Well I won't give it away, but a very small male person with very little hair wearing blue flannel pj's covered in teddy bears just so happens to be the reason.  ;)


After having his morning feed, a cuddle, a little chat, a look at a few picture board books............. it's 5:34am.  Well, 5:36am now.  It's dark outside so we can't go walking.  Everyone else is asleep so we can't really "play" per se.  So, excuse me while I go back to my small flanneled boy and try to find quiet things to do.  

Oh, and if you come to my house at this time tomorrow (or any day for that matter) you're very likely to find me doing just this. :)


Sandra said...

Oh, I remember those days. It's hard to do much while everyone else is sleeping isn't it? It's still nice to have that quiet time with the little one though.

Karen said...

We do that too some days! Except this little boy has only one volume (LOUD) which tends to wake everyone up. It is such a challenge to try to keep him quiet! This morning he managed to sleep till 6:00...unfortunately, at this time of the year on this side of the world it is getting light. And he was wide awake... On the plus side, I got a lot of things done promptly and the older children were ready for school with 45 minutes to spare. I wish he would like to cuddle quietly like some of our other children...but that is not his personality....

Tereza said...

HA HA...they keep us young!

Renata said...

5:34 - you poor thing that's much too early! I remember Zai used to get up at 5 & one christmas eve I delivered all our friend's gifts at that time - just left them on the doorstep - since I was up!

Heather said...

Thank goodness Cakes doesn't get up that early anymore! I'm so not a morning person.

I love the new blog look, and the pics are just beautiful!


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