Friday, April 24, 2009

Our Friday

Today is Friday.  That means that for me, it's also our main housework day.  

love Fridays.  I know I've shared that before!  There is a joy in waking up and knowing exactly what I need to accomplish, without even thinking about it.  Great natural exercise in cleaning.  Great satisfaction when it's all done.  :)  Ahhh, nothing better than fresh clean sheets!

But something interesting happened this morning.  I discovered that this little poppet is apparently now afraid of the vacuum cleaner.  I say *now*  as he wasn't last Friday- or any Friday before that.  So it seems to me he's had some sort of strange interaction with a vacuum cleaner in the past 7 days that I don't know about.  Or a bad dream, or something!  

Don't let his smiley face deceive you........ believe me, he howled every time I turned it on!!!  So what's a mother to do?  Carry on vacuuming, with the baby on your hip, of course.  Hmmmm.  
So now I'm a very happy, feeling very accomplished, Mamma - with a very sore back.   Not that I'm noticing terribly much.  After my initiation into extreme stretching on Wednesday night, everything  is sore.


Remember we changed some rooms around during the holidays, and I promised to post photos? Well, I thought seeing as I just cleaned the entire house, now would be as good a time as any! ;)

Today Elijah helped me with an extra job (as well as trying his hand at the mopping...... have you ever seen a 3 year old mop?! :)) - we changed all the quilts from our warmer-month ones to our nice cosy  winter feather doonas.  We aired them, put the right covers on, and it feels like we all have new beds!  Elijah was literally cuddling onto the pirate on his quilt cover, saying "oh my lovely pirate man, I haven't seen you for ages!"  Don't you just love seasonal change?  We've had some nippy nights this week.  Anyway, it's been a good day of achieving lots and enjoying each other as we worked!

Now for the photos..............
The children's shared room

William was needing some cot bumpers as he really moves around alot as he sleeps!  Mum found these ones in Brisbane for us and they look so good - thanks Mum! :)

We've never before owned a tv.  We watch so little, we didn't feel we could justify it.  Occasionally we watch a show through the computer, which sits in our living room.  Here's Elijah playing an educational kids game this morning.  Well, it's all about to change!  We are becoming mainstream and getting a tv.  Yep, it's true.  There's 5 of us now and the computer is just in hot demand much of the time!  SO, the enormously messy desk that is our computer desk is moving here......

...... into this spot in what is now our spare room!

Also incorporates a day bed (come guest bed for my Mum :)).... very useful for reading and separating kids out at rest time

A work desk and littler 'work' table

And a little trolley with pouches which holds all our collage / stationary / making stuff for the children.

That's pretty much it.  Things are getting done around here.  It's interesting, when you start thinking about moving house, amazing things begin to happen.  You tidy this.  Renovate that.  Finish this.  I wonder, by the time we're done, ......... will we still want to move??!  I guess it remains to be seen.  We're still looking around; going to view another house later this afternoon.

I noticed from the living room window that our chooks were getting very acquainted with their nesting boxes this morning.  Makes me wonder if they might begin to lay soon!

And I just had to finish with this.  Our littlest, flaked out before being tucked in bed last night.  He is the most relaxed baby of mine by far!!!!   He literally just lies down on the living room floor when he decides he's ready to go to sleep, has a bit of a cuddle, some whispers of "I love you" in his ear, a stroke on the tummy, and boom! Asleep for the night.  Beautiful.


Tereza said...

looks like you got a lot accomplished!
Your baby is adorable:)

Renata said...

He is so cute lying there sound asleep! (Probably exhausted from mummy scaring him with that horrible vaccuum - LOL)
You sound very busy- but you sure accomplished a lot. I'm inspired - thanks!

BTW - it looks like you have a perfect area for homeschool already set up there - looking forward to hearing more of your plans!


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