Tuesday, April 28, 2009

according to Elijah.....

...... the mind is a powerful force.  As is wriggling.

I'll explain.

Last night I went to wash Elijah in the bath when I got the usual pleading little voice, "can you sit and play with me Mamma?  Please?"  We had had a massive day yesterday, and I sat beside the bath and explained that I was feeling really tired and just didn't think I could do the whole 'imaginative character play with bath toys' kind of game with him.

His response?  "Well Mamma, you just need to get all your tiredness out!"

"Does that mean I can go have a nap Elijah?" I asked longingly.

"Oh no, you just need to wriggle it all out.  Like this."  and proceeded to demonstrate.  "You see Mamma, when you wriggle all your tiredness out, you'll wriggle........ then your eyes will adjust...... and then your tiredness will be gone!  Easy!"  Yep, he really said it, just like that.

And you know what?  The big wriggle kind of worked for me.  Or maybe it was the delight I was feeling after spending a little time with my ever-creative boy. :)


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE reading your blog, and hearing these delightful little anecdotes from your day. Please, please keep posting - you brighten my every day. Luv you heaps. Mum

Renata said...

Maybe I should do a really big wriggle & get my tiredness out - actually I'm feeling better after sleeping a bit later this morning.
I'm so excited about your plans for next week. Looking forward to sharing your journey with you.

Sandra said...

What a sweet fellow! Glad the wriggle worked a treat.

Sandra said...

What a wonderful boy!

Linden said...

Oh! I miss hearing stuff like that from kids! That's just so cute! Give him a hug from me!!!! :)


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