Thursday, April 16, 2009

The photos!

I said last week that I would give you more information about the photos we had taken here at home.  They were done by a friend of ours, Connie Neilsen, who I did Oklahoma with at the Brolga Theatre last year.  I was pregnant at the time, and she always said she'd like to do photos of "the baby" once he/she was born!  It took us a year nearly, but we got together and I am SO thrilled with how these turned out!!  I can't wait to get some on our walls. :)

Anyway, here are a few more of my favourites.  How I"m going to decide which ones to get framed, I don't know!  Let me know which ones you like.

Anyway, Connie is so sweet, so clever, and SO good with kids, if you live around the area here and are interested in doing a 'session' with her!  She spent nearly 3 hours here, just hanging with us, letting the kids play with all her props, and catching some gorgeous shots while we were at it. 

And a little plug for her............  She is actually a country music singer who writes the most beautiful songs...... and happens to be a young Mum of two sweet children as well, and works full time!  I don't know how she finds time to do all she does.  She's one of those cleverly gifted multi-talented people I've always found intimidating but admired!  She is just coming into the country music scene, has recorded her first album and made a couple of film clips with Bob Chambers (Kasey Chambers' Dad).  Go see her Myspace page here if you're interested.  Go Connie, and thankyou!!!!!


jazzy cat said...

Hmm a hard one - to choose the best of those great shots. I'd say my personal favourites are:

William and Saraya in the bathtub
You, William and Elijah together
Saray and You together

jazzy cat said...

aaah - now I've looked again I also love:

William in the tub by himself
Saraya with the teddies
Elijah with the pirate scarf

Rebecca J said...

These are all lovely Saminda.


Theresa said...

Sorry but I have two favourites:
(1) the black and white of you and Saraya ... I love b&w and with what you are wearing and the scenery set, you both look to belong to an era gone by
(2) William standing in the bucket... it's such a cheeky smile as if he know you told him to sit down and he stood anyway

Kelly said...


You guys are seriously the most gorgeous family I've ever seen. I truly mean that. I love these photos!!

P.S. I am beyond glad to hear that you're all doing well and that God is restoring and renewing. He is so good! Exciting about houses! And bless your little Saraya for wanting to share a room with her brothers - that's the sweetest, most heartwarming thing!

Renata said...

They are beautiful!! She is very gifted & sounds like an amazing person. My favourite is Saraya & Will in the shower caps!


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