Thursday, April 23, 2009

These feet were made for dancing!

........ Well, I'm hoping!  More about that soon. :)
Yesterday was a huge day for us.  It all started with playgroup.  Yay playgroup! The boys and I really look forward to it each week.  It's just a small group of 4 or 5 Mums (plus a few spouses!) and a delightful bunch of littlies, mostly held at the home of the family across the road..... very convenient!  It's relaxed and fun and a good chance for some "grown-up" conversation for me. ;)  Also of much interest to me is that all but one of the families homeschool.  Amazing.  Hmmm.


And as for my feet being made for dancing............ the next few weeks will reveal!  I want them to be; I SO love dance ....... I just haven't taken a proper dance class since I was 9............... but that hasn't stopped me............  starting contemporary dance classes!!!!  Yep, you read that right.  I'm 28 years old and starting a brand new thing.  Hoping this 'getting-older' dog can learn some new tricks!!!

Well, it was brilliant.   loved it.  Not to mention the incredible stretches we do for a rather long warm-up before the dancing starts; we choreographed nearly an entire dance to the "Roxanne" music from 'Moulin Rouge'.  It's hard...... it's fast.......... it's lyrical........ it's exciting and a challenge and I hope my legs become more flexible because my leg extension and scissor kicks must currently look pretty gumby........... BUT I loved it!!!!!!!  Bring on next Wednesday afternoon!!  Hoping my aches and pains subside before then!  Stuart and I are going to run through all our stretches again tonight before the real soreness hits tomorrow!  Oh, did I mention that Stuart is doing the class too?  That's right; it's great because he's even older than me!  Makes me feel like one of the young ones. :)  And it's going to be great to do together- something to be excited about, plan for, practice in the living room....... ;).

Thank you to my sweet friend Cathy for having all 3 of my children so we could go dancing....... especialy with the afternoon you were having yesterday - you are wonderful!  And they all had a great great great time. :)  So nice to eat dinner together too!

There's a Tuesday class for little ones as well - I wonder if I can convince my elder two to join?!  Desiree is so great with children, gentle and encouraging and tasteful, which is so important with dance, especially for children!  If only she could see my boy dance......... his feet really move!  Music just runs through him.  I know, I know - I'm biased, but really it does!!  Once he overcomes his shyness for performance, oh boy.

Oh, and keep an eye out for his first album too.  It surely can't be far away. ;)


Renata said...

Put me down to buy a copy!!!
Dance lessons - well done! That's something I've never done, but would love to do.
I'm jealous that you are so close to other homeschoolers - our closest ones are an hour away.

jazzy cat said...

Dance classes sound great! Contemporary - is so - contemporary ;-) See you on SYTYCD in no time! (p.s. so glad Talia won)


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