Friday, May 1, 2009

William waved!!!

I just wanted to record that this morning while I was bringing in the washing, I waved to William on the other side of the garden...... and he waved back!  We have been encouraging him to wave for awhile, but this was the first time he did it independently!

He is growing up SO quickly.  I cannot believe that this tiny baby is going to turn 1 this month!  

I feel like celebrating in a really special way for him but haven't thought of anything as yet.
He is such a special boy.  He is affectionate and loving, witty, clever, beautiful....... all those things and more.  He is not only walking, but just about running around now!  Still loves following his big brother and sister around, and getting quite good at that now I must say. :)

Sadly he has picked up Saraya's headcold, and is pretty miserable this week.  Not much sleep, which of course means not much sleep for me either. :(  We're getting there.  Only a little housework going on today.  Lots of story books.  And right now, a good long rest time.

Hope everyone has a brilliant weekend; I'll post next week about what we got up to, and some other very exciting news from our household!!!!


Sandra said...

Yeah! Such a clever boy! :>

Tereza said...

aaaaaaaaaaw waht a cute,cuddly picture of him as a young baby! How fast time flies!

jazzy cat said...

Min - thank you! What a lovely surprise! I'll return the favour soon...;-)

lusi said...

hi there! just popped by your blog which i found via sally clarkson's :) it's lovely to connect with other Aussie mums. hope you don't mind! God bless you,
Lusi x

Heather said...

William is growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday that he was born!

We're not feeling great around here today either. I hope that I can convince Cakes to take a long rest, because I really need a nap!

Renata said...

The time sure has gone quickly - I started reading your blog not long after he was born - wow a year!!!
It's so cute when they can wave!


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